Hueftle Cattle Company
Cozad NE 69130  


Karl & Janice Hueftle



Pictured above with their family celebrating Karl and Janice's 65th Wedding Anniversary and  Karl's 90th Birthday.


 Janices reside south of Cozad.  Although retired from farming and ranching, she stays active in the happenings of the operation.  Janice continues to provide a home-cooked meal for her crew each day, as well as maintaining her cattle records & tracking farm accounts.    Karl & Janice spent much of their semi-retirement time with family and taking in their grandchildren's activities.

We lost a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and a true cowboy on November 8, 2015.

Karl will be remembered by his family as well as those who love and respected his way of life.

You can read his entire obiturary at the link below:


 Back Row : Nolan, Lee, Janice, Gil & Neil 

Front Row: Donnis, Karl & Karla


      Karl and Janice's children have stayed involved with the cattle operation and own cattle within the HX herd.  Those not involved in the daily activities make it back at various times during the year to lend a hand, as well as helping out at the Annual Production Sale in March.