Hueftle Cattle Company
Cozad NE 69130  


 Neil and Anita Hueftle Family

                          (Aaron, Isaac & Anson Hueftle)

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Neil & Anita farm and ranch south of Cozad NE.  Neil has been involved with the Red Angus breed since his early days as a Leachman Cooperator. Anita Is involved with the marketing, website, accounting and record-keeping part of the HXC business.

They have three sons.

Anson (28)  married in August 2015,   graduated from the University of Nebraska-Kearney in December 2015, with a degree in Finance &Management Information Systems. He and his wife, Joleen live in Elkhorn, and he is employed at  Union Pacifc's headquarters in Omaha as an Accounting Analyst. 

Aaron (25) married in 2018,  studied Ag Business at Central Community College-Hastings. He has returned home to farm and ranch as part of the HXC  operation.  He has recently become an investor in a share of his grandparent's dispersal herd. He will be continuing to move a 120+ herd forward into the next generation of HXC genetics. He and wife Shae have a daughter, Charlotte.

 Isaac (23) recently graduated from the Univeristy of Nebraska-Kearney with a degree in Bio-Chemistry, a Pre-Pharmacy major. He and  wife, LIndsay live in Omaha.

 Each one own HXC cattle.

While at Eustis/Farnam, all three young men were  actively involved in FFA, 4-H, Mock Trial, Football,Wrestling, National Honor Society, Youth Group, and Church Activities.