Hueftle Cattle Company
Cozad NE 69130  



Welcome to Hueftle Cattle Company

Grandpa Gus Hueftle was a Herford breeder and his son Karl followed suit until he bought his first Red Angus bull from Sally Forbes in 1970.  

Karl and son Neil acquired additional cows and kept building the herd. At one point they sold bulls to Leachman Cattle Company in Billings, Mont., when extra sires were needed for a crossbreeding program designed for the King Ranch in southern Texas 

Karl and Neil eventually became Leachman cooperators in the late 1980s. While they were affiliated with the hairpin brand, they  produced a number of notable herd sires including Above and Beyond, Cheyenne, Gravity and Jewel Maker.

Neil & his wife Anita began selling bulls independently under the HX brand in Nebraska in 2004.

The HXC Annual Bull Sale, now held each year on the second Friday in March, is held south of Cozad. 

Join us this year on Friday, March 12th,  in person, over the phone, or through DVAUCTION to purchase Red Angus and Red Angus/Simmental Hybrid bulls.